Alinea Investment

Alinea Investment was created with the aim of managing the Group's investments in Renewable Energies and stands out for having developed a large number of projects in Spain, in France through French Antilles (Guadeloupe y Martinique) and in Italy.

The company occupies a privileged market position as a result of its ample experience, extensive international network, dynamism, specialization and its excellent reputation among finance entities.

Our commitment is based on a new business model, a union between two sectors (energy and finance) with a common project managed by a group of consultants specialized in investment management and a team of engineers specialized in the renewable energies sector.

The global business vision is orientated towards the comprehensive management of the energy assets of investment funds, private investors, institutions, city councils, companies and manufacturers seeking high yield with product and service guarantees.

Alinea Investment acquires, develops and manages to optimum effect an extensive business portfolio and invests in new, environmentally-friendly business ventures.

In Europe, Alinea Investment develops its activity in the wind and solar PV sectors through its subsidiaries Alinea Solar Spain, France and Italia.

Business Model

Alinea Solar

Alinea Solar is the Promoter of a group that is specialized in the photovoltaic sector. It develops and manages the construction of large medium- and large-scale Solar Energy installations in Spain, in France with, for example, the biggest French Antilles solar plant of 3,1 MW power (Guadeloupe) and in Italy.

Alinea Solar has ample experience in the development of network-connected turnkey PV projects: it develops plants in rural and urban environments; it selects the best location for the development of each PV plant, undertaking all administrative process, optimizing systems and establishing the project's finance structure and bankability.

Alinea Solar takes responsibility for:

  • Planning and conception
  • Construction and start-up
  • Control
  • Maintenance

Alinea Wind Energy

Alinea Wind Energy is the Promoter of a group that is specialized in inland and offshore Wind Energy. Its main activities are the development and management of wind energy installations, focusing its activities in France and Italy.

Furthermore, the company is backed by the consolidated experience of DSA Group in both financial and solar/wind energy markets and is present throughout entire energy production chain, offering comprehensive energy solutions for the most ambitious projects.

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